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"Let's talk about lips!" - as printed in Les Nouvelle Esthetiques Magazine
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Q & A - With Noreen Young

Answers to your beauty questions are what this column is all about. They can be beauty dilemmas, question on a technique, retailing beauty or just things you would like to know. As a professional makeup artist, and beauty business owner I love, live and breathe makeup. Each time will be beauty-filled experience. Don't be shy! Simply ask, if I don't know the answer I will get it for you.

What do I do to help my client's lips from drying out and peeling?

Ask them a few questions before making any professional recommendations. Ask them if they are on medication; travel a lot on airplanes, and do they spend time in the sun or outdoors? Do they fill in their lips with lip liner to make their lipstick last longer? This is a popular thing to do that one makeup artist recommended and everyone copied.

Lastly, are they using all day formula lipstick?

All of the above conditions will result in a drier mouth, peeling lips or dry lips. The lip liner technique above is not one I professionally recommend as a lip liner is drying to the lips. The simple fact is if a lip liner was meant to be a lipstick it would be called exactly that...a lipstick. A lip liner dries out lips. Use it only to shape and define the mouth. Long last lipstick comes with a fault. They last longer however, do nothing for moisturization.

It is the price you pay for longer lasting color.

An apothecary lip balm or a vitamin E lipstick will really nourish and moisturize the dry and peeling lips. A lip base which usually comes in a lipstick tube form is like foundation for the lips and makes colors last longer as well as keeps the lipstick or gloss from running out of the lip line.

What lip colors can I suggest for my clients who complain about their yellow, stained or aging teeth?

The best colors I find are either blue reds, rose or sheer lipsticks or no color at all...sheer lip shine or tinted lip glosses simply offer a sheer conditioning shine and do not make the teeth appear yellow. Colors to avoid are orange red, the Goth look in dark brown and plum.

Think outside the box. I recommend a salon or spa to retail Supersmile the first company to come out with toothpaste for yellow or stained teeth. It also is good for the gums. It freshens breath and whitens the teeth.

Created by a world-renowned cosmetic dentist it works wonders. We retail it next to our lip brushes, lip colors and lip kits. It practically flies off the shelf! It is a pleasure to help our clients stay healthy & look gorgeous.

What should I do if my clients do not want to use a colored lip pencil but love the benefit of the lip color staying in place?

You should try out the new transparent lip liners on the market. They offer no color and shape the lips beautifully. Lip-glosses or highly pigmented colors like reds will feather or run. This works miracles by giving definition and shape to the lips yet is transparent.

Great for females who smoke as well.

How can I sell more lipsticks?

Start a lipstick club. Have business cards made in the format of a club card. Offers can be: Buy 6 lipsticks get one free. This can have no expiration date and is irresistible. They never wait to use the card. They come in and buy more lipsticks. It is like a pantyhose club or a flower bouquet club I have received from other businesses and am a member of myself.

Who doesn't love a freebie?

My clients are complaining about their lips appearing in a frown. Like marionette lines but not necessarily from aging skin. The skin appears soft and not dry. She simply looks as if she is frowning or sad when she is not.

I spoke with Dr. Joe Barton DMD who specializes in neuromuscular aesthetic dentistry. He said this might come on from what is commonly called the occlusion "your bite". When the harmony of the teeth, the facial muscles and the temporomandibular joints no longer exists symptoms of what has been identified as TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) arises. This can arise in: a frowning appearance (as beauty professionals and makeup artist we may think is a wrinkle) Symptoms can range from: headaches, jaw/shoulder aches, facial pain, worn down teeth, ringing in the ear, clicking/popping of the joints, tingling in the fingers and more. Stress, poor fitting dental crown work, a car accident being hit from behind and more can bring it on!

Do not judge all faces by their cover. I work with a team of different specialists to help my client's look and feel the best they can. I am adding Dr. Barton to my list of professional dentists. You learn something new everyday don't you? Do not assume all frowns and lines are aging wrinkles they could just be a case of the intense and complicated world of TMJ/TMD. No dream cream will help...a dentist who specializes in occlusions and the jaw muscles is the answer.

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