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"The Magic of Thank You Notes and more!" - as printed in Dermascope Magazine
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Communication is key in any relationship...our husband, wife, family and friends it is paramount in your business relationships as well.

When was the last time you sat down and actually sent a hand written thank you note to a new or regular salon/spa guest to thank them for their business? In these days of cell phones, World Wide Web, Blackberry (which I thought was only a delicious fruit), ipods, email and all the multi-tasking to the extreme we do. Hand written communication like writing notes, letters and cards is slowly becoming a lost art. It is time to remember the good old days when people would keep in touch in such a beautiful way.

Formal Thank you notes, postcards, quaint greeting cards and letters on pretty paper. Scented with a spray of perfume or a seal of wax with ones initial on the back of the envelope.

Perhaps the time is now to think about taking some moments of time and sit down with your favorite beverage, relax and tell your salon guests old and new just how you feel. Keeping connected with your clients without them, we have no business. Do we?

It only takes a few minutes and so many ways to do it.

Recipe for corresponding successfully:

Take a trip to your favorite stationery boutique for something that suits your style. Take time to browse don't rush Choose fun colored pens or scented ballpoint-writing pen. Shops like these also do custom print orders. Why not order some note cards or paper with your custom logo or name on them? Make it personalized with your company name or if it is not your business, it can have your name alone on it.

If you are e limited on time and or budget. Go to your nearest dollar store or craft store and you will find some colorful and formal note cards and writing paper...for only $1.00. Yes, you read right one dollar.

You might even find some other items to decorate the envelopes and send them with.

A classic and traditional way to say thank you effectively that never goes out of style is through the Thank you note that comes engraved with the Thank you on the face of the note card and you write your message on the space inside. These are easy for you to write, short, and sweet. They get the point across.

Here is an example note that works for us in my Makeup studio business:

"Dear Claudine,

I so enjoyed meeting you and teaching you a few new makeup tricks.
If you have a question, I am just a phone call away.
I look forward to pampering you again soon."

Your personal makeup artist,


Before I seal the envelope I enclose a mini coupon called: Beauty Bucks that offers her a discount off her next visit at the makeup studio or on our online Shoppe. Whatever she wants to buy next and works for her works for me!

Who doesn't love a beauty bonus, a lovely note, and the same time?

Optional IDEA: I spray this with one of our best selling fragrance items. They open the envelope and the scent brings them back in their mind to our business. Scent is a powerful thing!

Another idea that is most successful for us was a note card that had a teapot and cup on the cover. A correspondence I sent was to some favorite clients that I had missed seeing. They are nice to have as clients and I enjoy when they come. They usually spend $300.00 to $500.00 in one retail visit.

I wrote:

"Take time for tea and think of me! Included in the envelope is a green, jasmine or chamomile tea bag."

They loved this promotional note and it made them come in for weeks on end. They came Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

A third treat we have done as the seasons change is another greeting note card with a twist.

On the cover, it had my studio name and inside I wrote:

"We miss you!
Come, see what's new, and let me pamper you"!

Included in the card was a packet of flower seeds that were the flower called forget-me-not.

The great part is I found the seeds on sale for 3 cents each. I bought up everyone they had.

This too was a lovely way to bond with your clients and communicate builds customer loyalty.

The note with the flower seeds brought more business for me then I ever expected. They also called and or personally told me...." How can I ever forget you, Noreen? I love coming to your sweet retreat."

Are you getting the picture?

I once sent a note to Donald Trump that expressed how much I loved his book and his business sense. He took the time out of his most busy schedule to write me a note and sent me a photograph (autographed) of himself. The note truly warmed my spirit and was not a was the real thing. Now look at him. He's bigger and better than ever. I so enjoy and respect him to this day.

Please don't tell me you don't have time my dears...because when you really think about it you actually do.

Another way to keep in touch is with postcards as they are even cheaper than cards and newsletters and make a big impact for your business. Always keeping you in on their minds as well as informed on all you have to offer. We mail so many out on a monthly basis the post office staff, many mail women, and men know me! They even comment on how wonderful and fun my cards and offers are. In addition, some have even gone so far to ask me to add them to our mailing list.

You can do many themes:

  • Thinking of You
  • Time For Your Beauty Check Up
  • Where have you Been, Beautiful?
  • Happy Birthday to You
  • Top 10 Reasons to Shop our Studio
  • Most Wanted Beauty List
  • Kiss and Makeup with US
  • You are Invited to a Cosmetics and Cocktails
  • An Invitation to Our afternoon Tea Party
  • Join Us for a beauty-filled Happy Hour
  • You're Invited to Our Holiday Open House

These all bring a smile to their face, keep you fresh in your client's minds and bring them into your door.

Who doesn't love to go to the mailbox and see a treat from you?

Just to be thought of is a treat in itself.

Make them an offer they simply cannot refuse and you will have a client forever!

As you can see these are thankful and thoughtful ideas to get you going. There are more in my CD "Spice It Up" filled with promotional and marketing ideas for any type of beauty business.

Use your imagination and come up with some ideas of your own. Let me know how they go.

Please don't stop being thankful for what you have and for your clients.

Always stay in their minds...never let them forget about you. It's the little things that make a big difference.

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