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Reggie WellsI recently had the pleasure of guest speaking with Oprah's fabulous and fun makeup artist. We did lunch and walked the show floor of the International Beauty Show in NYC. We posed for photos and autographs and wowed the crowd sharing all we have to offer. I educate salons and spas all over the country besides being a makeup artist. This time he joined me and I simply had to tell you about it and share his beauty secrets for you too! This Emmy Award winning makeup artist has been with Oprah for over 21 years and does the covers for O magazine and Ms. O's special appearances. He has also worked on other celebrities and the artist behind many Essence magazine covers. His name is Reggie Wells and you are going to fall in love with his quick wit and beauty tricks!

By Noreen Young

  • What's the #1 request you get from women who sit in your makeup chair?
    "They want to look like Oprah or Beyonce. (He has worked his magic on Destiny's Child and Beyonce as well)."
  • What do you think the trend for women and beauty should be in 2008?
    "Educating the consumer! They go to the department store and at times are sold things they don't know how to use and are not educated or sold the right products and how to use them."
  • What is your favorite part of the face to do? (IF you have one)
    "I used to have one but no more. It's all about balance. You have to look at every face as a total picture and a canvas. If you focus on just one you may concentrate on it and maybe over do that feature on your face. Always think balance."
  • Do you have a favorite must have beauty product or products in your makeup bag of tricks?
    "Foundation. An array of the right colors for each face is important. Everyone's face is unique and individual. A face primer is also very important and I never do a face without priming it first and preparing the face for foundation and the rest of the makeup. I am in the midst of creating a makeup line that will address all of this."
  • As a professional makeup artist, you have to be ready to make up several palettes of women. What's the go to color scheme you use most often?
    "Each face is unique and most women are at least a couple or three palettes. Say somebody can wear, earth tones, rose and red colors. So, I use a variety not one particular family of color on each face."
  • What are the biggest mistake women do when making up their face?
    "They use to much makeup and think they have to use everything they own all at once. A soft touch is best. Unless of course you are on TV or getting photographs taken professionally."
  • What is the best beauty tip you can offer women?
    "Don't ever go to sleep without applying a night cream." (He then asked me to touch and feel his was it smooth and flawless.) Ladies and gentlemen, I ALWAYS was a believer of night cream but now I am even more convinced!
  • What can we do when we have oily skin?
    "Enjoy it and be thankful! People are blessed with oily skin. It keeps you looking younger. If you are a woman of color, moisturize more if your skin is ashy and drier. If you have oily skin be happy. And don't forget even oily skin needs a little moisturizer."
  • What about freckles how can I cover them best?
    "Why cover them? Love your freckles."
  • What about a smoky eye?
    "It's pretty but not every eye looks good with it. If your eyes are deep set or small, even more so stay away from it. With practice you know what works good for you!"
  • How long does it take you to make up Oprah's face for TV?
    "I don't do Oprah's face like the woman next door. It will not work. It takes me an hour to an hour and half to do Oprah. I have to do it on some days while she is on the phone, walking the hall, or dressing for the show. I just did Oprah's face for Time Magazine and that takes a bit longer to be picture perfect."
  • What do you think about tanning beds, spray tans and sunbathing?
    "Well to get a safe tan any time of yearÂ…BRONZE IT UP! All you need is a bronzer/powder. When you wet a bronzer with a dash of moisturizer, it acts like foundation. When you mix it with a clear gloss it becomes a lip color. Try placing a bit of clear gloss on the eyelid and sweep some bronzer across your eyes with the warmth of your finger you have a creamy eye shadow. This only takes 3-5 minutes and you are good to go! Even women of color look gorgeous in bronzers. Say no to spray tans especially on the face. It doesn't work and looks artificial."
  • What one beauty item should a woman own?
    "A lipstick is a play stick. Always wear one and have fun doing it."
  • What is a no no beauty faux pas to Reggie?
    "Don't chew gum in public." While he does enjoy a piece of gum. He never chews it in public or in that cow pasture like motion. (Nor does he click it)
  • In the middle of the interview, I told him he was handsome.
    He looked at me and said, "I'm gorgeous" meaning him, not me and smiled. He added "Women need to add a little laughter to your life...enjoy life!" I think that is the secret of his looks and personality. Attitude is everything. Like me, Reggie smiles a lot too! It is contagious to be around him and his happy spirit.
  • What else would you like to share with me?
    "Always remember you display who you are and your makeup, what you wear and the way you look says a lot about you."

© Noreen Young

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